What You Get

The nCyrpt-Key Bundle 2.0

The nCyrpt-Key is bundle of useful open-source software which includes:

  • Bitcoin Starter Kit - featuring Electrum Portable and TrueCrypt Traveler
  • Privacy Starter Kit - featuring the Tor Browser and Tails Software
  • Linux Starter Kit - featuring Oracle's VM Box (VirtueMachine 5.0)

  • The product is $29 (you pay $39 and get $10 back in bitcoin)

Here are the product details:

1. Bitcoin Starter Kit

All bitcoins entered into Electrum Portable are securely stored on your flash drive within a hidden nCyprt-Key folder. This allows you to carry your digital cash in your pocket and have it available no matter which computer your working on. It also means, if you happen to lose this flash drive, no one else can access your nCrypt-Key and you can restore your lost wallet using the the Electrum seed (no risk of losing your bitcoins).

- About Electrum

Electrum is an easy to use Bitcoin client. It protects you from losing coins in a backup mistake or computer failure, because your wallet can be recovered from a secret phrase that you can write on paper or learn by heart. There is no waiting time when you start the client, because it does not download the Bitcoin blockchain.

  • Instant on: Your client does not download the blockchain, it uses a remote server.
  • Forgiving: Your wallet can be recovered from a secret seed.
  • Encrypted: You are protected from thieves.
  • Learn more: About Electrum
  • And read our Electrum Setup Guide

You no longer have to worry about wallet backups. All you need to remember is twelve words.

- About TrueCrypt

Portable TrueCrypt has been installed on your USB memory stick which allows you use it from different workstations. With the help of Portable TrueCrypt, you can easily protect the data stored your flash drive so that if it is lost or stolen, nobody will be able to get to your sensitive files. Tutorial videos instruct you on now to change the TrueCrypt password and how to create new encrypted files on your flash drive.

2. Privacy Starter Kit

Our privacy and rights to our own data mean nothing on the Internet as businesses and governments freely capture, mine, and sell as much personal information on Web users as they can possibly grab. Sadly, there is no oversight or accountability. However, there are some tools we can use to try to protect ourselves, and one of them is Tor, the onion router. Tor was originally developed by the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory for protecting government communications. Tor is a distributed, anonymous network of thousands of relays that obscure your pathways as you use the Internet.

- About Tor

The Tor Browser and the PirateBrowser are also preloaded within the Portable Apps menu. Both of these bundle packages include the Tor client (Vidalia), FireFox Portable browser and some custom configs that allows you to circumvent censorship that certain countries such as Iran, North Korea, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, Italy and Ireland impose onto their citizens. There have been no modifications to any of the packages used, no adware, trojans, toolbars, etc. This is simply a tool to help people get around censorship.

- About Tails

Tails is a complete operating system designed to be used a USB stick independently of the computer's original operating system. It is Free Software and based on Debian GNU/Linux that aims to preserve your privacy and anonymity. It helps you to use the Internet anonymously and circumvent censorship almost anywhere you go and on any computer but leaving no trace unless you ask it to explicitly.

By using Tails, you have a computer that is designed to be secure from malware, government surveillance, and hackers in general. Journalists Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras, and Barton Gellman have each stated that Tails was a crucial tool they use in their work with whistleblower Edward Snowden. Tails popularity skyrocketed when Snowden called it his favorite privacy tool, which he used to evade the National Security Agency (NSA). source

3. Linux Starter Kit

The Linux Starter Kit includes the most recent version of the Oracle VM VirtualBox (5.0) and instructions on how to use it to install and run Mint, Ubuntu, Mageia, Tails, or any other popular alternative Operation System. This will allow you to switch back and forth between operating system without the need to restart your computer.

- About Ruffus

Ruffus is a portable app that makes installing Tails on any USB drive a snap. You can also use Ruffus to install Mind, Ubuntu, or any other Linux OS onto a separate USB flash drive.

- About VirtualBox

With VirtualBox you can install and run as many virtual machines as you like on a laptop or desktop — the only practical limits are disk space and memory. For a thorough introduction to virtualization and VirtualBox, please refer to the online version of the VirtualBox User Manual's first chapter.

Added Bonuses

  • Bonus Video Series "Debunking Money"
  • The Doctor Evil - Paper Wallet Creator
  • Off-Line Java App for Making a "Brain Wallet"

- PDF eBooks, Video Tutorials, and more…

This flash drive includes three PDF eBooks:

  • Quick Start Guide for Bitcoin beginners
  • Free Privacy Guide best practices for every Bitcoin user
  • How to Keep Your Website Anonymous what you need to know
  • plus PDF files of recent and noteworthy news articles

> Portable Apps

These programs run on the flash drive, not on the computer hard drive.

- About the PortableApps Platform

The complete PortableApps Platform is loaded on this flash drive. This allows you to copy all your work and/or personal files to the device. Then what ever computer you go to, you'll have all the files and programs you need. These programs run on the flash drive, not on the computer hard drive. PortableApps is a menu driven operating system containing the following Open Source Software is preloaded on this device:

  • Tor browser Uses the FireFox Portable browser
  • PirateBrowser Used FireFox Portable browser (with useful links)
  • Google Chrome Great for setting up alternative Gmail account
  • SeaMonkey internet suite (browser, email, newsgroups, chat) bundled
  • Thunderbird check your email from where ever your go (will suport PGP)
  • VLC Media Player play your audio and video files on the go
  • Evince Portable a document viewer for multiple document formats

Plus you can download over 300+ free programs from PortableApps

Order your nCrypt Key now:

The product is $29 (you pay $39 and get $10 back in bitcoin)

This Flash Drive offers you ample portable storage with a 8GB capacity; This Flash drive and software is for the Windows Operating System and has been tested on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. This complete package ready to plug into your computer is being offered for only $39.95 (FREE SHIPPING - USPS Media Mail - US delivery only).


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