Exercise Your Right to Privacy


SnoopSafe is as easy to set up as any home router.

SnoopSafe is a zero-configuration wifi hotspot that encrypts any internet configuration. It is an open source, pocket-sized router that converts any ethernet or wifi internet connection into an encrypted wifi hotspot. It has mobile-friendly web interface for configuring security and wifi settings.

With SnoopSafe, you can easily:

  • Protect yourself from identity thieves
  • Protect your communications from irresponsible corporations
  • Protect your children online
  • Prevent others from snooping your internet usage when at the cafe
  • Use your phone as a portable hot spot without your carrier noticing
  • Passively route all traffic in your home or office through a VPN or TOR
  • Plug into your computer to power SnoopSafe on the road
  • Plug into the wall to power SnoopSafe in your house
  • Convert an ethernet connection into a private wifi hotspot
  • Access restricted content from another country
  • Break out of a restrictive network at work or school
  • Anonymously share files on P2P networks
  • Bypass corporate or government web sensorship
  • Prevent evesdropping on your VOIP calls
  • Conduct sensitive research without being added to watchlists

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